Soothing & timeless artwork

In my work you will see a dance of texture and color that will bring comfort to your soul. These are my trusty tools and my favorite companions in the studio.

Why I make art

I make art to capture beauty and pain in our lives. I make art to highlight the resiliency I have developed. I make art to comfort and soothe myself.

Whether or not you've been hurt also, I hope that my artwork can help you also. 

Art is the perfect vessel to spread joy and comfort.

Born to be an artist

Soon after my birth, my family fled and we spent 7 years in a refugee camp. I "flew" amongst dragonflies on the far edge of the camp, and drew stories in the sand over and over. 

In this isolated world, I didn't know what art was, but I innately felt the joy and whimsy in my soul.

Art was in my soul

When the camps closed, I was sent back to my birth country. This time I weaved patterns into coconut leaves, and again flew with dragonflies - but along rice paddies instead.

I still didn't know what art was, but I felt it in my soul.

Art never let me go

As the saga continues, I finally arrived in America. Here, art was loved, appreciated and celebrated.

I finally understood what pulled at my heart.

After many years of twists and turns, choosing practicality, studying politics and aspiring for a career in law, art won out.

Deep in my soul lived my love for art. I'm glad it never gave up on me and has inspired me through whimsy, resiliency and nature.

Now here I am: making art full time

  • Meaningful

    The stories and perspective behind my pieces are uniquely mine . When you purchase artwork by me, you are inheriting a unique piece of my story.

  • Dedicated

    From start to finish I personally pour my soul into each step. From painting, to digitizing, printing, trimming and framing - it is all done by me in my home studio.

  • Quality

    I use high quality materials while practicing sustainability when possible. Each print is archival and hand matted to ensure you experience only the best.