Cheers to a New Chapter

Cheers to a New Chapter

It has been a difficult decision break from Play with Pigments to showcase my artwork in a separate entity, but I’m finally ready.

In 2015, I started Play with Pigments as a traveling paint party studio. I organized public paint parties in various businesses around town, went to private homes for fun cozy parties, and even hosted a bunch of charity events.

As I moved around the country and the world, so did Play with Pigments. It was a comforting constant in my seemingly nomadic life. Everywhere I went, I would start it up again, and it was a fantastic way to connect with the new local community. In this way, Play with Pigments has friends from all over the world, and from all walks of life. They are interesting, daring and just all around wonderful people.

While that was my favorite part of it, the branding of a playful paint party studio soon no longer suited the works I was producing over time. My works explored more of my environment externally and internally. While painting these landscapes, my heart also went on a journey inside the scenery as it worked through various challenging seasons of life. These seasons didn’t quite sit well under the colors and fonts of Play with Pigments.

All that’s to say, I am so proud of myself for the milestones that Play with Pigments achieved. Through this little business of mine I was able to support underserved children in Cambodia, supported some local charities and connected with other small businesses in the community. I only hope this new venture will be able to do more good.

With that, an evolution was underway.

It has taken me a couple of years to finally do this, but I present to you this new space where all facets of me and my life will all be in context. Nothing will feel out of place, no matter the changes in each season of life, because this whole space will be a reflection of just that.

So I welcome you, and ask for your kind support in this new chapter.


- M

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