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Story Studio Sessions taught by Makara

2024 Schedule

May 29: Colorful Pet Portrait

You will bring a printed image of your pet or animal you'd like to paint (8.5x11 letter sheet maximum)

We will trace outlines of your pet onto watercolor paper. Can't draw? No problem, I will have tracing options available.

Then we will add abstract wiggly lines that will help your brain to quiet for a time.

Color in your pet and the background in contrasting color families. Don't worry, I've got you covered with various options.

June 26: Hammer Eco-Printing

Eco-printing is a dyeing process that uses pigments from nature to imprint onto fabric or paper.

At this session, we will choose a surface, and place a variety of flowers and greenery on it. This is a free-hand process so you are sure to have a unique product.

We will use a hammer or heavy object to transfer color onto our surface.

July 24: Abstract Scrape Painting

Sometimes a painting can be beautiful without any deep philosophical meaning. It could just be that you like the colors!

Get ready to make beautiful abstract art that you will proudly display.

We will be placing a variety of acrylic paints on paper in random positions. Then we will use a firm card-like item or squeegee to full the paint around. This will mix and reveal interesting and unexpected results.

You are welcome to make multiples and experiment further.

Yes, you CAN make art.

Many people believe they are not artists because they are not good at drawing, or painting or haven't picked up a brush since kindergarten. This is incorrect!

You are an artist if you make art.

With a bit curiosity and the right guidance, anyone can make art. That's where I come in. Let me help you unlock your creative potential!

It's about the journey

Creating art is an ongoing journey where the value stems from your effort and growth.

Yes, you will see improvement in your technical ability with each class. But don't forget to enjoy the process.